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The reliability of microwave ovens has improved tremendously over the years. However there is still a difference between manufacturers in terms of build quality and life expectancy. We consider Sharp to be the watchword in quality, although we can supply other makes if desired.

In the early days microwave cooking was seen as an alternative to oven cooking, however nowadays the main task of a commercial microwave is reheating pre-cooked food.

One of the main differences between commercial and domestic microwave ovens is that in a commercial machine the food stays still while the microwaves are distributed around it. This is a more efficient way to ensure even heating than the rotating plate found in domestic machines.

Large commercial microwaves are still available (at a price!), but the 'compact' size pioneered by Sharp has now become the norm to the extent that almost every manufacturer has a Sharp look-alike as its flagship model.

We offer Sharp microwaves with a full 3-year warranty at very good discounts of up to 45%. At these prices there is no need to settle for anything but the best.

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