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The purpose of blast chillers and blast freezers is to cool cooked food rapidly past the unsafe temperature band where harmful bacteria can develop.

We hope that all visitors to this website are up to date with the latest HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) legislation, and therefore keen to include a blast chiller in their equipment.

HACCP guidelines state the food temperatures must be reduced from 70°C down to 3°C within 90 minutes. To achieve best results product should be no thicker than 50mm, and the recommended capacity should not be exceeded.

Modern blast chillers can download temperature data direct to a PC spreadsheet for accurate record-keeping.

Larger sizes of blast chiller allow racks to be wheeled in straight from the steam combi-oven, and then into the cold room for finishing later.

Compact sizes are offered for smaller establishments, however we continue to supply rather more blast chillers to users such as banqueting centres and hospitals.

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